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Where is the Bulgarian mafia

Where is the Bulgarian mafia

The mafia is a major form of organized crime, able to interfere negatively (through corruption, extortion, direct violence and other illegal forms of influence) in the development and normal functioning of the state and the personal affairs of people. Mafia has its own hierarchy, rituals, a system of incentives and penalties. Trafficking of drugs and arms, forced prostitution, racketeering, gambling and construction affairs are typical of its field of activity. This also includes usury, kidnapping for ransom, robberies.

This is the definition of the word "mafia". Doesn’t it sound very similar to the everyday life in Bulgaria? The only difference is that in our country its field of activity is far more extensive. This organized crime we call government. The tragedy is that since 1944 this way of government deepens its roots, develops, it is gaining strength, and it becomes more brutal. That organized crime has its face and it is not afraid to show it. It rules the country officially and legally. It owns the national resources and represents our country worldwide.

The name of this criminal organization is the Bulgarian Communist Party (abbreviated as BKP). This is the political party that ruled Bulgaria in the period from 1944 to 1990. On April 3, 1990 BKP renamed itself to BSP (Bulgarian Socialist Party) and the new party name was registered at the Sofia city Court on April 10, 1990. The Chairman of this criminal organization as of January 2014 is Sergey Stanishev.

There is an important clarification that should not be missed. After the collapse of the Communist Party, its successors not only renamed BSP but also created multiple branches of BKP which were named differently. All of them are active today.

The way the branch parties rule the country is no different. We live in fear and uncertainty. Our lives depend on whether we have any connections in the communist hierarchy. This hierarchy is the most important part of the power of the communists. The higher in the hierarchy somebody is, the better he will live. If you are not connected to it no matter how hard you try and how smart you are you don’t have a chance of a better life. Bulgaria is governed by relatives, friends, and acquaintances to the communist caste.

If you don’t have a job the only way to find one is to have an acquaintance that is somehow related to someone in the government. If you don’t know anybody your best bet is to look for a job for months and at the end you’ll end up working twelve hours a day, six days a week and you’ll get benefits as if you have worked four hours a day and five days a week and all of that for €200 per month. There is also a good chance that you’ll never get paid. There are thousands of incidents of exploitation of people.

If you need emergency care, you may wait for hours for an ambulance to come. Also you need to be lucky to come across the right doctor and have the money to afford the treatment. Your chances of survival are a matter of luck. But if you have connections at the highest levels of the hierarchy they will send a helicopter for you, you will be taken care of in a specialized hospital, and you’ll be treated for free by the best physicians.

We are witnessing everyday outrageous stories about murder, kidnapping, money laundering and abuse of power. Children get raped and murdered every day. And if you are not one of them, your life and the lives of your children are worth nothing. We see these gentlemen in expensive suits, driving fancy cars, living in big mansions surrounded by guards who are looking at us from the above. These are the same people responsible for our misery and we are powerless to do anything. We are ruled by people whose parents have been part of the criminal terrorist organization – the Bulgarian communist party. In some way the way of life now is even worse than the one it used to be before the nineties because at that time if someone was able to escape and don’t get shot at the border by the communists he was able to get a better way of life in the US or in the Western Europe. Now everybody is able to leave the country but the attitude towards the Bulgarians is very bad in the western world. They look at us as if we are criminals who came from the poorest European country to disturb the peace of the westerners.

I’m wondering why nobody in the European administration cares about the Bulgarian criminal government. They even don’t mind shaking hands with people responsible for the misery in our country but they don’t like it when the regular poor Bulgarian tries to find a job in a western country.

Is there any other European country where a political party which is considered criminal is ruling a country for decades? In Bulgaria there is an acting law which proclaims the communist regime as criminal. This law was adopted by the 38th National Assembly on April 26, 2000 and promulgated in State Gazette, issue № 37 of 5 May 2000.

The text consists of four articles. The first article says that the management of the Bulgarian Communist Party came to power with the help of external force, declared war on Bulgaria, and led the country to a national disaster.

In the second article there are ten charges against the management of the communist party and six against the entire regime. According to various paragraph the communist party is responsible for a variety of things ranging from "destroying traditional values ​​of the European civilization" and "the moral and economic decline of the state" to the violation of human rights and freedoms in many ways and obeying the national interests of a foreign state "to degree of practical loss of sovereignty."

The third article declares the communist party as criminal based on the allegations of the second article and the fourth article declares all acts committed for the purpose of resistance and rejection of the regime as "fair, morally justified and worthy of respect."

When we read the charges against the communists it becomes evident that these same crimes continue to this day. It is a fact that we have reached a point where a national catastrophe is taking place. It is a fact that there are violations of human rights and freedoms. It is a fact that the national interests are subjected to a foreign country (Russia). Actually it cannot be any different. The power in this country is inherited, isn’t it?

It sounds so absurd in the European background and our place on the European stage. It sounds ridiculous that only children and relatives of criminals from the communist regime can rule Bulgaria and bequeath that rule to their children. It is unacceptable. Why 50% of Bulgarians never go to vote? The answer is that these people know that they don’t really have a choice. We have realized a long time ago that nothing ever changes in our country. On the contrary, things are getting worse and it doesn’t really matter if we are going to vote or not. The power in Bulgaria is well structured. External to communist mother party people are never let in. We have one of the best internal intelligence for which we pay billions of euros and we pay for it to be eavesdropped so our discontent leads to nothing.

Well, we are still here. When we don’t go to vote it doesn’t mean that we gave up. We know your faces. We know your names. We remember where you came from. We know what you did to our parents. We know what you are doing to us. Our war has just begun. Now you believe you are strong and unreachable but your time is going to an end. Our children will not spend their lives the way we did.

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Bulgaria is a part of EU but EU is not a part of Bulgaria!X

Bulgaria is a part of EU but EU is not a part of Bulgaria!

The communist regime was condemned in Bulgaria by law. Today the communists and their descendants are ruling our country. Join us in Facebook.