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Fly in the Ointment or a short historical review

Fly in the Ointment or a short historical review

Bulgaria has its ups and downs, like every other country. Whether you're on top or in the muds depends on who and how manages the state. Much to our regret we are now in a period of full decline, although accession to NATO and the European Union.

Last statesman - King Boris III, was able to restore Bulgaria after five centuries of Ottoman rule and the subsequent three wars in which we participated. He consolidated Bulgarian territory, achieved great economic growth and increased the budget three times (from 8.46 billion to 27.58 billion lev) . During this period, roads, schools, railway stations, hospitals, ports, civil and industrial sites were built. This is a time of democracy and freedom, a time in which women received the right to vote and all that in a time, when countries such as Greece, Spain, even the U.S. had economic problems, people lived in poverty, there was hunger and depression. Short and happy period in which we had an operating state and a country which belonged to the Bulgarian people. At this time we were involved in the Second World War. Our choice was to be on the side of Hitler and the economic growth we had was perhaps in part due to the initial success, our allies had. However it is safe to say that King Boris III's - our last statesman whose policy benefited the Bulgarians, managed to extract the best for the country and the people from the situation that developed.

I wonder how he managed in those turbulent years, after five centuries of oppression, after our territorial fragmentation, after our involvement in three wars, after internal conflicts and coups and the exerted pressure over the country to enter the World War II, how was he able to build a strong and well developed country, and why now at present days, at a time when supposedly we have democracy, we are in the European Union, where countries are doing well economically and people live normally, no war and serious obstacles for our progress, and after all that, we are still in decline.

The answer is again back in history, it turns out that nothing starts today. The reason has its deep roots. Our decline began earlier, when we lost for a second time our freedom and the right to develop as an independent state without foreign influence.

The turning point for Bulgaria and the fate of the people was the period after the assassination of Tsar Boris III (whether it was a killing remains unproven in history). The year was 1943. The existing communist battle groups and guerrilla red movements supported by the Soviet Union with all his strength renewed offensive in Bulgaria, issued illegal newspapers, prepared armed uprisings, assassinations and carried out bombings. After 1943 Hitler started losing the war against USSR.

At that time our government was headed by Konstantin Muraviev who made a last and final attempt to save the country. He broke off diplomatic relations with Germany and wanted to sign a truce with the U.S. and Great Britain. He withdrew Bulgarian troops from Yugoslavia and a proposal was made to declare war on Germany. U.S. and UK however remained silent and our defense Minister at the time Ivan Marinov, who was pro-Russian, sabotaged the proposal to declare war on Germany in order to gain time and to allow the Soviet Union to accuse our government of insincerity and to allow them to declare war on Bulgaria. And this was what happened.

Our yesterday's "liberators" came back again, but this time as conquerors to take back what was previously "freed", though in different boundaries.

Inspired by the appearance of the Red Army, guerilla gangs composed of communist criminals started to take over the Bulgarian cities. Criminals from the prisons were set free. Events were moving quickly, the Soviet army advanced through Bulgaria, communists took over every national and local administration, and we irreversibly lost our freedom for a second time. The so called People's Court was established and the killings began. These who were executed were prominent ministers, military officials, scientists, and those who had a position in the society. The Soviet-style planned economy was established with nationalization of enterprises and the collectivization of agriculture. Peoples civil rights and freedoms were taken away and all who tried to resist the totalitarian system were killed. Concentration camps were created, where tens of thousands of people were killed, some were imprisoned just because they dared to tell a joke against the system. The Repressive apparatus of that totalitarian system was modeled on the Russian KGB and was called State Security. In fact it was in charge of carrying out all violent acts to ensure the power of the communist party and to protect the interests of the party red "elite". It was merged with the "Department of the People's Militia" and became the "eyes and ears" of totalitarian power. A new model of governance was made. Leadership positions were occupied by uneducated and illiterate people but committed to the red cause.

So it all began, fear, misery, betrayal, no support from anywhere but the iron hand of our "brothers liberators." 45 years we were taught to kiss the hand that crushes us, the method was quite hard, disobedience was punished often by death. 45 years we were taught that our love for Bulgaria should be expressed through the love for USSR. So to the memorial in 1989 when a group of prominent members of the Politburo, namely Dimitar Stanishev, Jordan Yotov, Dobri Djurov all former guerrillas unseated their leader Todor Zhivkov and declared course towards democratic reforms and the development of a market economy.

The same, who killed so many people, confiscated their property, took away their rights and freedoms just because they wanted to rule and to protect Russian interests, suddenly decided to change direction. The question is why?

And here we are today.

The country is in decline, unemployment, poverty, lawlessness reigns, corruption everywhere. Everywhere we hear Russian speech again. Large Western conglomerates like Johnson Contols, large stores, such as T-Market, holdings as Vivakom, Bulgartabac and many more which contribute to our economy are run by Russians. In our resorts are found mostly Russian tourists. Criminals from well-known families like Sergey Stanishev - son of the red criminal Dimitar Stanishev, Karakacanov, Georgi Parvanov, Ahmet Dogan, all of them former communist secret service rats, one way or another can be found in all kinds of administrations and ruling political parties. They are in the church, the press - "prominent" journalists as Kevork Kevorkian, Ivo Indzhev, Ivan Garelov, Velizar Enchev and a bunch of other all former secret service agents. Fervent defender of all pro-western, Luba Kulezich a TV presenter - daughter of active fighters against fascism and capitalism, but if you go to enumerate them this will not be an article but a novel. Wherever we turn we see only people associated with the former regime and its repressive apparatus. The former communists all of them terrorists turned the direction of the country to the west only to contain their money and power only this time "legally and democratically." And their children, most of them members of pro-western political parties, tell us that they are liberals and do not agree to be responsible for the actions of their parents in the past, despite the fact that they owe their power and wealth to them.

Do you still believe that Bulgaria is free and independent? Do you still believe in the illusion that there are politicians who are not related to "red elite"? Do you still believe that you have a choice when you vote and right-wing parties are really anticommunist and pro-western? Forget about it! Look around, the truth from the TV and the press is what the contemporary communist secret services agents want us to believe in. Trust the new Democrats from the old Communist Party, but do not wait for better times. The year is 2014, and Bulgaria is still under the Russian boot, that boot polishes by handful Bulgarian traitors called politicians of the new age of "democratic, free, European Bulgaria".

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