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Another robbery attempt by the red criminals

Another robbery attempt by the red criminals

There is a country in the European Union which is governed by criminals who recognize neither European laws, nor the national laws. This is a country where crimes and murders happen every day which remain unpunished. This is a country where the people have no rights and live in constant fear and uncertainty. This same country may decide to deprive you of your home, and your savings, and there is no way you can defend yourself because this country do not conform with its own laws and laws of union where it belongs.

This country is called Bulgaria. A member of the EU where people live free and have their rights protected and they are not afraid how they will pay the electricity bill or a bill for a medical treatment. The people from the EU are not afraid whether they will have money tomorrow to buy bread for their children or whether their rights will be respected at their workplace. This is not the case with the people who live on the territory called Bulgaria.

The Bulgarians would do anything to protect their job worth €200 per month because lots of people are waiting for a new job opening.  Humiliation and human rights abuse happen every day here and the people are so much used to it that they accept it as normal. It is very rare to see civil unrests in Bulgaria because it is very well known that they will not solve the problems but rather make them worse. There is also no civil society here and the people are stratified in casts which are more or less connected with ruling criminals. Goods and businesses are well distributed in this well-structured hierarchy and everybody must know his place in it.

We often ask ourselves why Bulgaria – a state so much resembling the third world countries is a member of union which consists of states like UK, Germany, and Netherlands. What is its place in EU, we don’t know. Here is the place to describe the events which took place the last several months.

A well-known banker by the name of Tzvetan Vasilev also part of the ruling criminal cast became inconvenient to the political status quo some time ago. He became so inconvenient that they decided to deprive him of the bank he used to manage.  It is not known why this happened to him. Some believe that this has something to do with media boss with a criminal reputation Delian Peevski. There are other rumors, one of which is that this is the work of Boyko Borisov. Others say that the Russians are behind all this and their goal is to collapse the Bulgarian banking system in order to get the country out of the EU. It is uncertain if we’ll ever know what really happened.  All that really matters is that regular depositors of Vasilevs’s bank don’t have access to their assets more than two months  and nobody really knows whether the people will ever get their money back. No one has explained why the bank is still closed and will it ever be opened. It’s not known whether it will be liquidated or restored. The ruling class doesn’t care how people who depend on their savings which are stuck at the bank will survive.

According to EU directive, customers of a bank which is not capable of serving its clients should get their money back from Deposit Guarantee Schemes after twenty working days after the bank closure.  Do EU directives really mean something in Bulgaria? The Bulgarian politicians will not comply with European laws which contradict the interests of the countries’ red elite puppeteers. The European order is not supposed to mess with the well-directed chaos in our dear motherland. First, the red puppeteers lied to us that Bulgaria has become a democratic state. After that they brought us the King who was taken care of by them while in exile. And now it looks like they are lying to us again with our EU membership by putting forward the pro-European former gangster Borisov who did not care to comply with this same law by not allowing his comrades to provide quorum in the parliament for the problem to be solved. Maybe he is waiting for his moment of glory after winning the next elections to take care of the bank, thus turning himself into deity and getting a long term political support from the people who suffered the bank crisis.

All this is a matter of speculations. How much of it is true – nobody knows. But there is something which is really getting into our heads. And this is whether this long waited European Union is as fake as the Bulgarian “democracy”, as fake as King Simeon II Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, as fake as our “savior” Boyko Borisov, because on the territory  called Bulgaria European laws mean nothing and the people live in fear and uncertainty.

It doesn’t matter how we call them – politicians, criminals etc. There is one thing they all have in common – they are all connected to the former communist party and its sinister secret services. Despite the fact that Bulgaria is a member of the EU, the life of the regular Bulgarian hasn’t changed at all. The communists are still ruling the country and they keep on eating us away.

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Many parties but only one choice – the communist partyX

Many parties but only one choice – the communist party

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