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Boyko Metodiev Borisov

Boyko  Metodiev Borisov


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Connection with the former Communist Party

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Connection with Russia

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Birth Date: 13/06/1959 , Bulgaria

Parliamentary Activities (source parliament.bg):

National Assembly: Elected with: Participation in Parliamentary Groups: Profession: Languages: Constituency:
42 National Assembly PP "GERB" 30.54% Political Party GERB     cy: 25-SOFIA 3

Connection with the criminal communist party:

- Boyko Borisov is a son of a colonel from the communist interior ministry by the name of Metody Borisov who also comes from a communist family and he is a trusted communist party member

- At the age of eighteen (1977) Borisov becomes a member of the communist party. He works many years in interior ministry. His career there ends in 1990 when depoliticisation starts at that ministry, and he refuses to leave the communist party.

- In 1991 he founds the security Company “Ipon -1” and takes care for the safety  of the communist dictator Todor Zhivkov. 


Other activities:

After leaving the Interior Ministry Borisov mainly focuses on the security business. On September the 13th, 1991 he founds "Ippon-1" Ltd., which ensures the safety of individuals like Todor Zhivkov and Simeon Sakskoburggotski. "Ippon-1" is one of the largest security companies in the country, a member of the World Organization of the guards IAPPA, and Boyko Borisov is its member. In 1992 Borisov creates "Ippon-2" LTD and then "Ippon - Agency for safety and security" LTD. In the 90s he has been part of a number of other companies with different types of business. In some Borisov works closely with Roumen Nikolov ("The Pasha"),  Mladen Mihalev ("Maggio"),  Alexey Petrov ("The Tractor") and other personalities from the shady business. In this respect he is described by the press as "a senior official from the ranks of SIC – another criminal organisation." Borisov is also described as a "thug" by the writer Georgi Stoev who was shot and killed some years ago, writer of books about the Bulgarian Mafia. Before being appointed as Chief Secretary, Borisov denies any allegations that connect him with the Mafia. After his appointment to a government position in 2001 he retires from business.


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Bulgaria is a part of EU but EU is not a part of Bulgaria!X

Bulgaria is a part of EU but EU is not a part of Bulgaria!

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