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Lilyana Pavlova Nikolova

Lilyana Pavlova  Nikolova


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Birth Date: 06/12/1977 Sofia, Bulgaria

National Assembly: Elected with: Participation in Parliamentary Groups: Profession: Languages: Constituency:
42 National Assembly PP "GERB" 30.54% Political Party GERB Economist English; Russian cy: 3-VARNA

Lilyana Pavlova has a very successful career. At the age of 19 when she was a freshman at the University of National and World Economy,  she became a financial manager of the project "Training program for managers", funded by the Phare program.

In 1999 when Prime Minister of Bulgaria was Ivan Kostov, before her 21st birthday and even before she graduated university she was:

- Expert on international projects for Postgraduate Studies at the Institute of National and World Economy;

- Expert in ISPA Coordination Unit in the ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure;

- Office manager at PHARE - TEMPUS Program project of National Academic Center for Management and Capital Markets;

For an ordinary Bulgarian to occupy at least one of these positions is required at least a university degree, solid experience in the field and details like winning the compulsory contest Pursuant to the 1999 Law on Civil Servants. Hence the conclusion that Lilyana Pavlova is not an ordinary Bulgarian.

Connection with the criminal communist party:

She grew up in a family of Communists at the highest levels in the party.

- The grandfather of Lilyana Pavlova - Georgi Pavlov was a partisan in the partisan brigade "Chavdar", later a senior functionary of the Communist Party (member of the Central Committee), Minister of the chemical industry and personal friend of Todor Zhivkov.

- Her grandmother (Pavlova was named after her) was many years a Vice Head of one of the departments of the Central Committee of the Communist Party. According to the memoirs of contemporaries, she was a hard supporter of Stalin and his methods of management.

- Because of Lilyana Pavlova’s grandfather close relationship with communist dictator T.Zhivkov her grandparents were awarded the sum of 20 000 levs. At the time this was large amount of money. In comparison the average salary at the time was about 150 levs, a new car was worth around 5000 levs and a two bedroom apartment was around 8000 levs. Lilyana Pavlova inherited a luxury apartment in Sofia from her family which was given to them from the Communist Party.

- Lilyana Pavlova’s father Pavel Georgiev Pavlov graduated in USSR in the Moscow Institute of Energetics. Prior to November 1989 he worked in the Central Committee of the Communist Party and also in Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Since 2000 he is Vice - Rector of Varna Free University.

- This is not the only field of activity of Pavel Pavlov. During the government of Zhan Videnov, he was General Counsel and Deputy - Head of the Council of Ministers. According to some, he worked in the portfolio of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure Dontcho Konakchiev. Pavel Pavlov has also a remarkable political sense that allows him to be always "up to date". In 2009 he was a sponsor of the new pro-western political party GERB and became even chairman of its quota in the Regional Election Commission in Varna.

- Lilyana Pavlova’s mother is Russian who also had a prestigious job at the time of communism. She worked for many years in the Bulgarian National Television.

*If someone believes that there are incorrect facts in this article, he or she may use our contact form to provide evidence that this is so, and we will remove them.

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Many parties but only one choice – the communist party

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